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Collaborative Innovation

Robots in action.

Current robotics projects

Autonomous Navigation testing in Underground Tunnels

Autonomous Navigation of UAS/UGV Teams in Underground Tunnels

Providing situational awareness to first responders in subterranean environments

Students work on robotic project.

Fast Traversing Autonomous Rover for Mars Sample Collection

Improving the onboard autonomy of future Mars rovers

Bramblebee pollinates flowers in greenhouse.

Precision Pollination Robot: Bramblebee

Mitigating the threat of the bee population decline and sustaining agriculture productivity

Building NASA equipment at the WVRTC

WV Robotics Technology Center

Supporting robotic space operations

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WVU on Top

Since 2011, WVU and the Statler College have made a name for themselves in robotics competitions.

in 2016

NASA Sample Return
Robot Challenge

in 2017

Ice Challenge

in 2019

ice Challenge